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Yoga Teacher Training India

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What is yoga?

Although it may be difficult to define exactly, there are several different types of yoga all using various techniques. Here we will discuss one type of yoga, called vinyasa flow.

This style of yoga uses breathing as a guide for how long you hold each pose in your class. It’s not something that you can just learn from reading about or practicing by yourself. You must practice this style of yoga to understand it.

However, it’s very easy to learn once you figure out what everything looks like and feels like. Once you know these poses, they become much easier to do.

Here is a basic rundown of the classes:

As with any new workout experience, begin with simple ones and work your way up. Also, try to choose classes that focus on same-sex interactions so you can develop relationships you want with your students.

There are many variations of vinyasa flows, but here are the basics. Vinyasas are energized breaths. Each time you breathe in, feel how air hits your diaphragm.

The speed at which you breath is dependent upon the size of your lungs. So if you have bigger lungs than others, you could probably breathe faster.

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By thinking back to when you were a child and watching people talk, walk or play, pay attention to how their faces breathe. For most people, taking a deep breath starts with inhaling and exhaling.

Rishikesh Yoga - Yoga Teacher Training

Teach English in India

With over 50,000 students, Content Magazine’s pick for the world’s top teaching job is offering excellent training facilities and benefits

If you are an ambitious student who wants to learn new things every day, this is the place for you. While there are only 5% of people worldwide that speak other languages, it’s very common for schools to hire foreigners to teach their language.

Foreigners coming to work at these schools receive international recognition for their skills and become local celebrities due to the large paychecks they get. Many Indian families also migrate outside of the country to live and work among foreign nations, so being hired helps them gain valuable experience as well.

Apply for a visa

As mentioned earlier, all foreign visitors to India need a valid Indian Visa.

Your application for a visa will be handled by the Ministry of Border Affairs (MBA) in New Delhi.

They will send your case to the Consulate that handles visas for that country. This can take several months, so begin preparing early.

Consulates authorize new cases only. Once a consulate reviews your application, you’ll have to wait until an officer has time to schedule a interview.

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Buy a book

There are many great books about yoga that can help you along your journey. Whether you are looking for a new practice or want to expand your knowledge of this ancient art, there is a book for you.

There are so many stories about various people who have used books to learn more about yoga. You can read between classes about what each story is like, how long they took to master, and any challenges or difficulties they faced.

These can be your guides both during your training and afterwards.

Reading allows you to connect with other students through their experiences and helps you grow as a person. And all of these things are fun and easy!

Take a yoga class

If you’ve never taken a class, our teacher training program is not for you! Classes are taught in English, so if there is a language barrier, you will not be able to participate.

If you have take at least one yoga class prior to attending train with us, your experience during trainings will be more fun as you will know how to perform arm balances and breathing exercises.

There are two types of classes; general exercise classes that range from 30 minutes to an hour, and meditation classes which are 90 minute sessions. Trainings are held throughout the year, regarding location by the trainer/facilitator.

Trainer certified teachers lead every session in confidence that they can get people ready to teach beginners. People who attend trainings learn new skills and strengthen their knowledge through practice, then leave with an appreciation for the different ways of teaching.

Attendees also benefit from having conversations about fitness and wellness topics such as diet and exercise. By bringing these discussions up during lessons, trainers are able to connect with attendees on a level that enhances their learning.

Many training programs offer special discounts for previous education or experience. So do not hesitate to ask questions to find out what suits you best.

Rishikesh Yoga - Yoga Teacher Training 7

Visit a yoga teacher training program

Finding the right trainer for you at your local gym or in-store is important; someone who understands your interests and has enough skills to back them up. More often than not, if there’s no experienced teachers available, it will be impossible to get fit.

Yoga teaching doesn’t always come with an instruction manual!

There are some basic techniques every instructor uses, but each school is different. It’s rare to find a class that doesn’t have any gentle movements, like side bends or deep stretches.

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These drills may seem trivial, but they help you strengthen your body and prepare you for more strenuous workouts.

A rule of thumb is that all classes should be consistently practiced, so attending quality sessions every week is one way to boost your fitness level.

Also, keep in mind that most gyms focus primarily on cardio exercises, but as Yogi says, “you need to work both inside and outside the room.” Anyone can go online or visit a gym store to workout, but practicing mindfulness while exercising is bettering your overall health.

Decide if you want to become a yoga teacher

Although it is impossible to determine whether or not this job is officially available, here’s what we have found out so far…

This job isn’t like other jobs

No standard education program or specific training programs exist for becoming a yoga teacher. There are many ways to be a yogi.

You can learn from videos, books, guides, and more. There are hundreds of methods and approaches to learning yoga, all designed by different people with their own unique traditions and variations.

Become a certified yoga instructor is another way to earn a living practicing yoga.

There are several ways to become a registered yoga instructor in some countries. Here in United States, however, there is no government regulation over who may teach yoga.

Each state has its own certification requirements, ranging from nothing at all to thousands of hours. Many local counties approach the issue individually, requiring professional teachers to be licensed.

Yoga teachers can make as much, if not more, than preachers due to how flexible they are with themselves.

Take a class

Find a yoga teacher training school that offers individualized lessons for beginners. Most schools offer at least 100 classes, usually throughout the week.

There are so many variations of yoga, so choosing one to suit your schedule may be difficult. However, with only a few hours a day, you can improve your skills through repetition.

You will learn how to use different parts of the body and breath to control your energy in the form of meditation. You will also learn about yogic breathing techniques and how to combine breathing and yoga to achieve complete relaxation.

Many advanced students report feeling more confident about their bodies and abilities. They say the teachers are very supportive and helpful. The style is more teaching-focused which some people prefer.