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I’ve had amazing outcomes with many customers, addressing symptoms and conditions such as insomnia, cancer, stress, migraines, chronic back pain, hormone imbalance, MS, skin rashes, thyroid difficulties, spinal meningitis, anxiety, colitis, digestive disturbance, and weight loss.

Lindsey Lucky is a yoga instructor and nutritionist.

I had done everything I could to improve my food and lifestyle after being diagnosed with MS seven years ago, but I was still suffering from exhaustion, poor digestion, and feelings of worry and anxiety even after quitting my job. I had the feeling that whatever was making me sick was still going on despite my attempts, and I had no idea what it was.

Even after the first Bio-Energy session with Madhuri, my digestion improved quickly, and I felt lighter, happier, and less stressed. My energy levels had significantly increased by the third session, and I felt ready to return to work. If you truly want to recover, you must first recognise the emotional and energy barriers or imbalances that emerge as illness in the body.

I believe that everyone who is experiencing emotional or physical distress could benefit from working with Madhuri. She is an incredible healer and instructor who can assist you to better health.

Dana Hansen-Singbeil / Yoga Instructor & Energy Healer

I had bad digestion, anxiety, and acne outbreaks before I started visiting Madhuri because my hormones were all over the place…… I noticed significant improvements after following Madhuri’s advice.

It’s been almost a year and I’m no longer having problems. Madhuri has a wonderful knack for working with individuals; she is gentle while still possessing a strong and powerful intuitive force!

I highly highly recommend Madhuri to you if you are looking to enhance your self— not only physically but emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. You will not be let down!!

B. Surita

Before working with Madhuri, I was concerned that I would not have time to include Ayurveda into my hectic schedule. I’m glad I stayed open and realised that in order to get healthy with Ayurveda, I didn’t have to make severe or time-consuming adjustments.

Madhuri genuinely listened to me and devised a strategy that was both achievable and sustainable. She recognises that each person is unique and, in my instance, recognised that I needed to take tiny measures to make a major difference in my health.

I’ve had more energy and mental clarity since working with Madhuri. As a consequence of the improved energy, I’ve become more active and fit, and I no longer experience brain fog as a result of the greater mental clarity. I feel physically and emotionally balanced. I’m back to my old self!

I wholeheartedly recommend Madhuri to anyone coping with a health issue, as well as anyone who is tired of ‘one size fits all’ advice and solutions that simply do not work. Madhuri provides a secure, compassionate, and nonjudgmental environment in which to begin the healing process.

Lisa Barer / Therapeutic Yoga Teacher

During my treatment with Madhuri, I felt cared for, at ease, and well-informed. She assisted me in reconnecting with my body and experiencing a deep sense of inner tranquilly.

I would strongly advise anyone looking for a trained and conscientious alternative practitioner to contact Madhuri.

Broadfoot, Patti

Performing Arts Centre On Your Toes /
Prior to working with Madhuri, the most difficult challenge in my life was not being able to find the perfect ‘fit or remedy.’ I had tried several conventional weight-loss strategies, but I knew there was a relationship between becoming healthy in body, mind, and soul. Something was missing in the traditional one-size-fits-all strategy for me. My biggest anxiety in getting started after meeting Madhuri was my own lack of self-acceptance and fear of being judged.

Working together has shown me that getting physically fit doesn’t have to be difficult! It’s gentle, like we should be with ourselves. Not only have I dropped weight and become healthier, but I have also grown in my self-acceptance and respect for the life-giving energy that food provides.

Working with Madhuri provided me with a safe setting in which to grow in body, mind, and soul. I felt reassured, supported, and discovered a safe haven of non-judgment where I could discuss things in life that I would not have ordinarily shared in order to go further than I had ever thought thanks to Madhuri’s kind and kind attitude.

Prior to embarking on this path, I would have answered that the greatest tangible advantage was weight loss, but I have gained so much more. Yes, I am physically free, I look wonderful, and I feel great. But the most significant advantage is how I feel on the inside! I am content, balanced, and stronger.

I would recommend Madhuri to anyone who is looking for more than a quick cure in life, but rather someone who is willing to unravel and explore their own journey. Not merely to make life better, but to heal and grow in love and kindness for self-acceptance.

Kate Potter is a yoga instructor and the creator of the ‘Namaste TV’ show.

Madhuri was the first person I saw after a long hospital stay. I was healing from Spinal Meningitis, which had resulted in an infection of my spine’s bone marrow. I was still on IV antibiotics, my mobility was severely limited, my frame was tiny, and my strength was nearly non-existent. Madhuri’s work is exceptionally athletic, graceful, and precise. Madhuri is as natural as spring water. She is part dancer, part Yogini, and certainly a healer. My only task was to set an intention and remain open as she flies at what appears to be an organisation of the surrounding energy field. After months of drugs and a fog of illness, the session’s quick clarity and grounding were plain fantastic. The true surprise, though, arrived 12 hours later. I awoke in the middle of the night to find that my low back’s typical spinal curve had restored. My back, you see, had become as flat and limber as a sheet of plywood. When I examined the rock hard tennis ball protrusion at my lumbar with my hands, it resembled a golf ball. My Yoga practise in the days following the hospital was all supported, cushioned, and covered….. breathing into minor weight shifting motions. I was completely taken aback the next morning after our discussion. All of the things I COULD NOT DO, such as child’s posture, down dog, and cat rolls, were available to me. That sensation! I am certain of what I know and will only say one thing from now on. Call Madhuri for whatever condition you have!

Sharmin Habib, RYT, is an optometrist.

Working with Madhuri was a true blessing. Her teaching technique is distinct in that it is not rehearsed, resulting in each interaction being informative, practical, and personal. Madhuri made me feel at ease acknowledging my insecurities and devising concrete solutions to address them. Her understanding of yoga and ayurveda has helped me find the tools I need to focus on being healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually, whether it was a hurdle in my yoga practise or an obstacle in my physical health.

MPH, K.P. Public Health & Wellness Professional

Madhuri’s kind and deliberate approach assisted me in opening up to the underlying reasons driving my experiences of very bad digestion, my body’s ability to be nourished by food, and how vital I felt overall. I am grateful for Madhuri’s grace and support, as well as my ability to overcome my resistance to accept her healing approach and make little, incremental changes in the way I eat and what combinations I consume—changes that have kept me happier even now. Madhuri’s holistic Bio-Energy treatments aided shifts in me, which, when combined with developing new habits, resulted in obvious differences in my life over a number of months. My energy levels to participate more fully in my life have increased after working with Madhuri.

I would recommend Madhuri to anyone who wants to go to the energetic root of an imbalance in their health. I am grateful for Madhuri’s open-hearted, effective, and gentle assistance in regaining my health balance.

Canada’s Ingrid Seibold is a certified yoga teacher. employee posting

The Vata Food Program, combined with the recommended Ayurvedic herbs, reduced my anxiety, improved my digestion, reduced my irritability, and increased my mental clarity. Following Madhuri’s lifestyle recommendations has restored my balance and brought me closer to my genuine nature. Ayuveda and yoga are the spiritual callings I’ve been looking for, and they’ve revolutionised my life!

Thank you very much, Madhuri!

Damji Liakat

Spontenaous healing and bio-energetic healing: For almost two years, I had a persistent cough. A doctor’s prescription would cure it, but it would return practically soon. Madhuri used Ayurvedic concepts to assist me find the mind-body connection behind my persistent cough on my first appointment. What’s amazing is that after about 2 years, my daily chronic cough vanished immediately after the first session!

I am grateful for the strong healing tool that the combination of Ayurveda and Bio-Energy principles has been for me.

Christie, Sharron

I am delighted to have worked with Madhuri on a variety of sessions, including Ayurvedic Consultation & Treatment, 21 Day Ayurvedic Cleanse, Bio-energy Healing, and Ayurvedic Body Massage & Treatments.

Madhuri is extremely professional, knowledgable, and eager to share her knowledge. She is sincere, providing facts in a positive and courteous manner while maintaining patience, humour, and compassion.

I wholeheartedly recommend Madhuri to everyone who is concerned about their health and well-being.

Administrative Assistant Denice Dobinson

I’ve been working with Madhuri since April 2009, and I’m appreciative for her direction and assistance. Madhuri is a wonderful health care professional who is compassionate, dedicated, and competent. She provides numerous techniques for overcoming all types of barriers in life.

I’ve battled diseases like acne and allergies, as well as stressful seasons and restrictive beliefs. Because to my ongoing work with Madhuri, I’ve grown much more conscious of who I am.

I would strongly recommend Madhuri to everyone who is serious about living a healthy and happy life.

Godfrey, Eshin

My body and nervous systems were able to resume regular, healthy functioning as a result of the Ayurvedic oil massage. It was far more effective than massages that try to pound one into submission. I have long accepted the contemporary biology idea that we are a self-regulating system. Madhuri was able to relieve tensions, allowing this to occur.

Madhuri’s thorough examination of my illness before treating me was really appreciated. My worn knees were specifically cared for when I mentioned them. Madhuri’s very capable yet kind demeanour, combined with her extensive Ayurvedic knowledge and successful treatments, leads me to highly recommend her.