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Home » Digestive Health : Is your stomach bloated immediately after eating? But do these asanas

Digestive Health : Is your stomach bloated immediately after eating? But do these asanas

Digestive Health Yoga

style=”text-align: justify;”>Is your stomach bloated immediately after eating do these asanas

Digestive Health: We often neglect the digestive system. But by including yoga in daily life.. you can improve digestion.. speed up weight loss experts say. It is said that you can perform asanas even after eating.

What are the asanas after eating?

Yoga Asanas For Digestive Health: Due to overeating and not following proper eating habits, your body and digestive health get stressed from time to time. acid reflux, gas, bloating and indigestion are bothersome.

They also cause nausea and insomnia. May eventually weight gain lead to But if you do some yoga asanas after any meal, you can get benefits like better digestion, peaceful sleep and weight loss, says yoga instructor Nivedita Joshi.

Digestive Health

Now let’s know what are the asanas that can be done even after meals. can help to improve Digestion and many such issues.

Yoga asanas that can be done after meals:

1. Vajrasana

Doing Vajrasana in the afternoon, dinner or after you take any meal helps in digestion. It constipation provides relief from Removes stomach problems. In fact, it also reduces stress. Helps you sleep better.

2. Supta Badha Konasana

This pose stretches the inner thighs and knees. by increasing the parasympathetic nervous system digestion Activates It also relieves fatigue and insomnia.

3. Urdhva Prasarita Padasana

It helps to work on the core. If you do it in a fast moving action.. it will work the lower, middle, upper abs. stomach related problems and improves digestion.

4. Marjaryasanam

This pose stretches the muscles in the hips, back, and abdomen. It also stimulates organs including the gastrointestinal tract. As a result, the digestive system works efficiently.

Digestive Health Yoga

5. Mountain Pose

This is the best pose to do after eating. It can be done without fear even if you have a full stomach. It eases your digestion.