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Home » Couples yoga poses retreat in Rishikesh to try absolutely

Couples yoga poses retreat in Rishikesh to try absolutely

Couples yoga poses to try absolutely

Couples yoga poses

How to strengthen couple affinity, understanding and complicity and at the same time obtain an immense sense of well-being

The benefits of yoga are innumerable. It allows to counteract the rigidity of the body and favours a net improvement of flexibility. Helps to increase concentration and learning skills. Learn more about different yoga poses from Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh.

Memory also improves thanks to the practice of yoga. Without forgetting that this discipline allows you to intensely relax, reduce stress, and chase away bad thoughts. What if we practised the best yoga poses as a couple?

Couples yoga poses to try absolutely

Yes, practicing yoga as a couple gives you many other important benefits. Let’s go and discover them together.

Yoga for couples, the benefits

There are a couple of yoga poses that allow people in love to get many benefits. In fact, practising yoga together with your partner allows you to make the understanding even stronger, thus favouring complicity.

Not only that, it is possible to discover how to collaborate with each other, but each has their own space and respects each other. It is also important to remember that any tensions present in the couple can also be eased thanks to the practice of yoga, so as to minimize the risk of running into discussions that are certainly not good for love.

Simple couple yoga poses

Among the best yoga poses that are easy to do as a couple, we must remember Uttanasana, better known as the standing calliper position. It is a position that anyone who has practiced yoga at least once in their life has had the opportunity to try, one of the first stretching positions that are taught.

You start in an upright position, with your back very straight. After taking a deep breath, extend your arms beyond your head. During the exhalation, the pelvis is bent, extending the hands downwards, until they reach the ankles. These are exactly the steps to be taken when practicing this asana together with your partner, remembering, however, when bending over, to hook your hands behind him and to look intensely in the eyes.

This is among the yoga positions for couples that allow you to get a greater sense of complicity and closeness.

Among the yoga poses to do as a couple there is also the Ustrasana, known as the camel pose. You start on your knees and arch your back, pushing your pelvis forward and keeping your hands on your loved one’s lower back.

There is a very intense physical contact during this asana, which allows you to feel the body of the other and to get closer to it, which allows you to strengthen your passion and affinity.

Couples yoga poses to try absolutely

These are considered easy yoga poses, but you need to have good flexibility to succeed. The first few times you may encounter some small obstacles, but don’t despair.

A little training is enough to be able to stretch the muscles perfectly. Our advice is to train alone on these positions. When you have reached the necessary familiarity, you can practice them together with your partner.

Difficult couple yoga positions

Among the most difficult yoga positions, we must remember the position of the boat or Navasana. It is difficult to do on your own because this position makes the muscles of the whole body work intensely, especially those of the abdominal belt. Those who are not very trained may therefore encounter some difficulties.

It is difficult to do as a couple because it is necessary to rely on the other. For a correct success, both partners must in fact work in an excellent way, in unison, a collaboration that requires trust, mutual respect, the ability not to invade the space of the other. Precisely for this reason, it is a suitable position to favour complicity, intimacy, and cooperation within the couple. Here’s how to proceed.

Sit facing each other. It is easy to understand what the right distance is. In fact, you must be able to hold your partner’s wrists with your hands, with your arms well extended.

Then place the soles of your feet on top of the soles of your partner’s feet. At this point, extend your legs upwards, keeping the anchor points firmly.

Couple’s acro yoga

True, it is a difficult position to perform, but not as difficult as the couple’s acro yoga positions. The name itself says it, they are rather acrobatic positions that are born precisely to be carried out in two. In addition to being spectacular, they need a really extreme collaboration. A small mistake is enough for the partner to fall in fact.

These are positions that are nice to practice with your loved one.

In fact, they allow to improve trust in the other and bring the couple closer together in an intense way, a gradual approach that allows the two partners to grow together.

As time passes, try more and more complex and elaborate acro yoga positions, for a couple relationship that will continue to grow and improve, for a couple relationship that will not be able to scratch over time.

The beauty is that with these positions it is possible to develop non-verbal communication, a communication that makes it easier to stay close to your partner in every situation, a communication that allows you to avoid the conflicts that words can often lead to.