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Can yoga in Rishikesh promote healthy hair?

yoga in Rishikesh

style=”text-align: justify;”>Can yoga in Rishikesh promote healthy hair? These exercises will make the difference

Many women are looking for ways to treat the problems of thinning and falling hair, so they try all available options, from shampoos and hair products, to nutritional supplements that promise rarely achieved results. But what many women may not know is that there are some exercises for the body that will contribute significantly to enhancing the ability of hair to grow, and protecting it from weakness and loss.

Below we review the most prominent exercises that promote hair growth and help in its lengthening and strengthening without the need to spend huge amounts of money on hair products that may do more harm than good.

yoga in Rishikesh
What does yoga have to do with hair?

We know very well the benefits of exercise in promoting the health of the whole body, and this certainly includes the hair. Through moderate exercise, including yoga, it is possible to treat dull and lifeless hair, which falls due to its weakness and lack of body nutrients.

In addition, yoga exercises improve digestion and reduce anxiety and stress in the body, which are two of the main factors that contribute to the deterioration of hair health, according to the website “Healthline” for public health.

Some yoga poses that promote relaxation and deep breathing work wonders for hair in particular, as the head position in these exercises improves blood circulation in the scalp, which leads to revitalizing hair follicles, increasing the chances of its growth, enhancing its health, strength and protecting it from falling out.

Scientific proof of the benefits of yoga in Rishikesh for hair

Yoga can reduce stress, which is a major potential source of hair loss. Excessive stress leads to the fall and weakening of the follicles, according to a scientific study conducted in 2017, and published in the journal “Plus” (Plos) for research.

The researchers concluded that extreme stress can affect the body’s immune system response and slow hair growth. They found that regular yoga practice reduced stress levels and lowered the production of cortisol in the blood, compounds that are linked to high levels of stress.

A study published in 2020 in the journal “Science Direct” found (Science DirectScientifically, practicing yoga regularly helps reduce signs of inflammation in the body, and this reduces the possibility of a person experiencing hair loss.

Yoga can also protect against hair loss by stimulating blood flow to the head. Inverted body positions, for example, can enhance blood flow to the head in a way that supports hair growth and a healthy scalp.

yoga in Rishikesh for hair
Optimal yoga exercises for stronger hair

The following yoga in Rishikesh poses help relieve tension in the body, as well as stimulate blood flow to the scalp. It can be practiced in the following steps, according to the “Style Craze” website (StylecrazeFor health and beauty:

Forward stretching exercise

It is called uttanasana, in which the entire body is stretched by bending completely forward while standing with legs straight on the ground.

You should stay in this bent position for at least 15-30 seconds at a time, trying to bring your head as close to the floor as possible without hurting your lower back.

This exercise can be practiced in the morning on an empty stomach, or at the end of the day, many hours after the last meal, to avoid indigestion or reflux.

This exercise helps to supply the head with blood and boost energy, with additional calming of the mind in a way that may treat headaches and feelings of tension after a hard day.

It also contributes to massaging the digestive system, which solves colon problems.

Curved body exercises

This exercise is called “Adomuka Savasana” (Adho Mukha Svanasana) It also needs to be done on an empty stomach and is recommended in the morning upon waking. Hold the position for 1 to 3 minutes at a time.

This exercise enhances blood circulation, allowing blood to flow to the head. It also compresses the abdominal muscles and improves digestion, as well as stretching the muscles of the neck and spine, thus relieving tension in the body.

Baby Posture Exercise

Child’s pose is a common neutral position that can be concluded after any sport or physical exertion. It is convenient, easy and suitable for beginners to practice yoga in Rishikesh.

This exercise helps to promote relaxation of the abdomen, back and neck, while extending the head with an additional charge of blood circulation due to bending the head forward during the exercise, which helps in strengthening the hair, accelerating its growth and preventing it from falling out.

It is performed by prostrating on the ground with the legs spread by the width of the hips. With an exhale, bend forward, fold the body at the hips, and place the torso on the thighs.

After this step, the arms are straightened forward and the palms of the hand are placed on the ground.

Take several deep breaths in this position, and hold it for 30 seconds at a time.

yoga in Rishikesh

Mental and physical health in one fell swoop

Prepare practicing yoga in Rishikesh

The best thing that can be done for the health of the body and hair at the same time, given the range of multiple benefits that exercise can bring to mental and physical health.

So the next time you want to strengthen your hair and boost its health, shine and growth rate, roll out your yoga mat and start exercising right away.