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I work with people who are ready for transformation and willing to do what it takes to make the changes that are keeping them stuck (physically, mentally, emotionally, or energetically). My specialty is getting to the core of your unique health concerns causing a radical transformation to take place while leaving no room for relapses. Together we will create results that last!


The Madhuri Method is on the cutting edge of Yoga Teacher Training

It is a systematic formula for providing sustainable yoga practice that addresses and incorporates the ancient principles and philosophy of Ayurveda.

Each Madhuri Method class weaves the wisdom of Ayurveda into asana, pranayama, chanting, mudra, savasana, and meditation, leaving the student feeling uplifted and harmonious.

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June Weekend Retreat

Immerse yourself in nature, Ayurvedic yoga classes, yoga nidra, breath work, ceremony, meditation, and workshop sessions that will offer you the opportunity to clear limiting beliefs and stagnant energy that is keeping you in a version of your self that is no longer optimal.

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2 hour Ayurvedic Consultation

There is no better way that I know to come into alignment with what your body/mind/spirit needs to be healthy and joyous then utilizing the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda combined with channeled guidance and energy work.

Move onto a true trajectory that will change your life!

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Bio-Energy Healing for transformation & lasting change

Restore the natural balance of your body through clearing out stagnant or blocked energy that is preventing your body or mind from living in a healthy state.

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2016 Trainings

The Madhuri Method: Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Training

65 hr training for certified yoga teachers to delve deeply into self-healing and teaching classes and private sessions from an Ayurvedic perspective and sensibility.



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